The Hibaku Streetcar Project

This project began in 2015 as a part of RCC’s project to commemorate 70 years since the atomic bombing and provide an opportunity for the next generation to learn about peace as the average age of the hibakusha continues to rise. Since 2015, approximately 2,800 people have taken part in this joint project.

In 2023, the G7 Hiroshima Summit was held, turning the year into one of significance in terms of appealing for peace to the world from the atomic-bombed city. Every year on August 6th, the Hibaku Streetcar Project takes elementary schoolers from Hiroshima Prefecture (either by class or by school year) on a ride in an actual streetcar that survived the bombing (hibaku streetcar) in the hopes of educating the children, who are the leaders of the next generation, about peace, as well as in the hopes that they will convey what they learned to others.

While on the hibaku streetcar, the children are introduced to Hibaku Streetcar no. 653 and various important sites along the way through photos, videos, and announcements. They also tour the Hiroshima Electric Railway Senda Streetcar Yard.

With the current heightened risk of nuclear weapons use, we plan to conduct an online livestream this year, as well as create an archived version. The Hibaku streetcars are a symbol of Hiroshima’s remarkable recovery. By bringing footage of these historic streetcars traversing the atomic-bombed city, we hope to convey to Japan and the world how truly precious peace is.

Learning About Hibaku Streetcars


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    About Hibaku Streetcars

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    Illustrated Guide to Hibaku Streetcar no. 650 (Exterior)

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    Illustrated Guide to Hibaku Streetcar no. 650 (Driver’s Seat)

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    Illustrated Guide to Hibaku Streetcar no. 650 (Undercarriage)

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    From the Beginning of Streetcar Service to Hiroshima Electric Railway During War

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    Damage to the Streetcars in the Atomic Bombing and Recovery

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