Illustrated Guide to Hibaku Streetcar no. 650 (Undercarriage)


Illustrations: Mitsuko Onodera
Source: 75 Years of Hibaku Streetcars (The Mediasion, Co., Ltd.)

A shock absorbing damper. Helps mitigate shocks to the carriage when linking cars or in case of collision.

A safety device that alerts surrounding people, vehicles, etc., of danger. Sometimes called a warning horn.

Turns the 600-volt direct current (DC 600V) that runs from the overhead line into DC 220V and sends it to the auxiliary power supply on the roof. The auxiliary power supply then turns it into a DC 24V and a 220-volt alternating current (AC 220V) to be used for the announcement system, fare collection box, air conditioning, interior lights, and more.

Maintains the carriage and ensures that it runs on the streetcar tracks. The 650 series of streetcars have a bogie wheeled platform with four dual-axes, allowing it to turn relative to the carriage. The space left on both sides is to ensure that when the wheeled platform turns on a curve, it doesn’t get in the way of the carriage.

Suspended directly between the wheel axes and the wheeled platforms. This kind of classic drive system is known as nose suspension drive. While the construction is simple, it is also rattles and creates vibration. This distinct sound and vibration create a comfortable ride characteristic of this series.

Controls the electric current to the motor and allows for smooth acceleration.

Device to create compressed air.

Device located on the suction end of the compressor that acts as a filter to ensure that extraneous material is not sucked into the compressor.

Tank to hold air that has been compressed in the compressor. The air is used for the brakes, opening/closing doors, and more.

Used to store a back-up supply of air should there be an issue with the air reservoir or in case the emergency brake needs to be used.

Switch to separate the motor, auxiliary power supply, electronic devices within the carriage, etc., from the circuit. A classic so-called knife switch, it is composed of a metal lever (or knife) that is lifted or inserted into a jaw.

A large knife switch positioned near the DC 600V.

Switch that connects or disconnects DC 600V into the motor.

Reduces the noise emitted when air is exhausted by the brakes.